The Path You Need To Become a Dentrix SuperUser

"My mission is to be a Resource, an Advocate and a Voice for all the Dentrix users in the world. I invite individuals and dental teams who are learning, sharing and growing their practices and careers.  My passion is to bring people together in a community where we can learn together."  ~ Dayna Johnson, Certified Dentrix Trainer and Founder of Novonee

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Live Events

Ask the Experts gives you the opportunity to ask the burning questions you need answered.  If you are not finding the solutions you are looking for in a Facebook group or from Dentrix support then I can help. Having an expert in your back pocket will give you the confidence you need to tackle any Dentrix situation.

On-Demand Courses

Our topic based courses help teach you and your team best practices with all aspects of your workflow.  Learn to optimize your Dentrix software with our self-guided topics from admin systems to clinical documentation.  Great for on-boarding new team members.

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Just like you, we get frustrated when we can't find the right solution to a problem. Do you want to connect with other Dentrix users and trainers who have the same passion for learning that you do? Think about how awesome it would be to ask questions and receive feedback that is accurate and relevant.  We won't let you down.


The course topics come from requests by our members

We are not held back by corporate legal teams and red tape.  When you ask for a course topic we will build it.  If you are looking for a topic that is not in our library, let's us know and we will put it on the calendar.  Let us know in our private Facebook page or send Dayna an email.


Excited Dentrix Users


Katie - Novonee Member

"What I love about working with Dayna as well as the Novonee community was that she was able to help us fully utilize our practice management software.  Dentrix is so multi-faceted there are SO many features we are not taking advantage of.  In Dentrix there are so many ways to navigate to the same place and it was nice to be shown easier, more efficient ways to accomplish tasks. Dayna is a wealth of information!  I would recommend her and the Novonee community whole heartedly to anyone who uses Dentrix."

Sandhills Family Dentistry

This training was AMAZING!!!! I wasn't sure what to expect & was hopeful that we would get a lot out of it and get our money's worth & we DEFINITELY did!!! We have a lot of new information & tools to utilize Dentrix better in the future & can't wait to implement everything to help our practice function & flow better & make everyone's work lives easier in all positions :) Dayna was such a great trainer & far surpassed my expectations.”

Optimize Your Dentrix Software

Your entire day revolves around your software and if you are thinking "I wish Dentrix could do __________" It probably can, you just need to learn how. Have you been told "No, Dentrix can't do that." too many times? Today is the day you get to hear "YES" and here is how.  You will have lots of light bulb moments, guaranteed!

With your membership you will have Dayna's ear to ask questions, you will have permission to "pick her brain" and learn best practices during all the online courses. Get exclusive access today and get learning!

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