So how can a dental practice prepare for 2021?

We have assembled six of the top minds in the dental industry to share their thoughts on what can help your business be more lucrative in 2021.

Learn more about the experts included in this ebook below. 

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2021 means new goals and new successes!

Many of you had curveballs thrown at you this year and you're still here. That’s no small achievement. We’ve heard about leaders having to be creative and encouraging. It can be hard to lead even the best-managed practice. From personal experience, we know that every little chart, checklist, and guide can help tremendously.

That's why we have come together to bring you the Prepare, Protect and Prosper Handbook. It’s full of actionable game plans to kick off your year. Preparing your team and protecting your practice are key duties of a practice leader. We know that following solid systems lead you to prosperity. 

What's included in the Handbook:

- A social media calendar guideline

- How personality testing can benefit your team

- A comprehensive Insurance Coordinator duty list

- A list of key financial reports to run and why

- Pages of prompts and verbiage for hygiene conversations

- A checklist for evaluating your administrative team's performance

 We're talking about over 60 pages of solid business information.  

A quick note about us authors: We’ve been in dentistry for a loooong time! All of us have seen recessions and difficult time in dentistry. COVID-19 brought similar challenges along with completely different issues. That’s why we knew we needed to help dental practices.

Your Dental Success Guides are:

Rita Zamora – social media wizard

Kevin Henry – personality tester and dental assistant champion

Teresa Duncan – self-proclaimed insurance nerd

Susan Gunn – financial reports and practice protector

Rachel Wall – the rare business-minded hygienist

Ginny Hegarty – the queen of team Pivot (she wrote the book on it – seriously!)

Grab your copy of Prepare, Protect and Prosper Handbook today! We think this will make your year easier. Throw 2020 behind you and get started with the New Year!

After downloading the guide (check your inbox for the link), we authors would love to hear from you. If you found this helpful, then shoot us a message. All of the authors' contact information is on the last page of the Handbook.

We all wish you success in 2021 and beyond!

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